Let us define internship which says

“An internship provides initial training in a new field. Internships are formal programs within organizations whose primary purpose is to offer practical work experience in a particular occupation.”  And most importantly

“Internship may be an easiest way to land a good Job “

I would like to highlight its importance to you as a CIVIL ENGINEER

1. Construction Employers love to hire fresher candidates with some practical experience.

Construction Works are more practical than theoretical. An internship on a project site will help you gain some basic insights about the way works are carried on site and understand co-ordination between Men Material and Machine.  Employer is happy to recruit fresher who complete internships, as it reduces some basic training burden on them.

2. Internships may help you get paid better in A Company.

Many surveys have suggested that fresher with some internship experience will be offered a better salary over others as these people look better prepared for the Job over regular fresher.

3. Internships enable you to think and test your career path better.

You might discover by interning in your planned career field that it’s not what you thought it would be like. Or one branch of your field is a better fit for you than another. Let’s say you want to work as Site Engineer, and you complete an internship in a supervisory role. You discover you hate it. Then you can focus on some other areas that fit for you.

Isn’t it better to figure all this out before you graduate and are stuck in a field that’s not for you?

4. You will understand valuable things in your course when you do things practically, preparing yourself better to enter your chosen career.

You may also discover gaps between your classroom learning and what you need to know in the real world and can strategize how you will fill those gaps. Some Companies will even suggest additional courses you should consider.

5. You’ll develop skills galore.

Maybe you already have the great interpersonal skills employers seek. But in an internship, you can’t help but sharpen them by interacting with people on a professional level and in a way that you would never have the opportunity to do in the classroom.

6.You’ll gain confidence.

If you’re afraid of facing the work world when you graduate, an internship will teach you that you can do it.

7. You’ll build motivation and work habits.

All that freedom you gained when you left home for college may have caused your motivation and work ethic to slip. You might be skipping a few classes, missing assignments, or building a class schedule that doesn’t require you to get up early. There’s nothing like an internship — where you can’t slack off if you want to succeed — to instill in you the workplace characteristics you’ll need after you graduate.

8.You will build your resume.

Any kind of experience on your resume is helpful, but career-relevant internship experience will make a better impression on Companies.

9.You might make money.

Not all internships are paid, of course, but there are companies who will be happy to award you for your contribution in their works.

Final thought:

Think creatively about how you can do an internship in a company around you and go develop yourself. There is nothing better than it.

Companies are always willing to have you work for them and get trained for your future.


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