3D Optical Illusion Art – From Street Art to Architectural Delight.

3D Art or 3D Illusion Art is gaining much popularity these days in Construction Sector as Architects and Interior Designers are taking much interest in using colourful 3D graphic wallpapers and other related things to impress the clients as per their requirements. Notable brands are already taking advantage of public’s curiosity on 3D paintings and manufacturing various types of wallpapers depending upon regional and cultural demands.

3D Art started in Western countries in mid-90s. Some creative painter, painted pavement surfaces with coloured chalks in such a distorted way that appeared normal and real when viewed from a particular point. This mind-boggling chalk drawings, attracted the attention of people.

3D Art is a 2-dimensional artwork drawn on the surface that gives a viewer a 3-dimensional optical illusion from a certain perspective.Our visual system instantly and subconsciously interprets a 2D object as a 3D object otherwise known as “Illusion” or “Impossible Objects”.

It can be very breathtaking, realistic and at the same time captivating once we get the angle correct. Creating such type of art is certainly tough and challenging as the artist has to create a realistic 3d view out of a 2d painting.


 (image via: 2Loop)                                                                                                                                            A classic “anamorphic illusion”, one must be in a certain position where the sightlines can perfectly converge.

The 3D Illusion Art has evolved so much that it has entered from street art to our home, offices, hotels, etc just to decorate, amaze and fascinate us more. Some mind blowing Street and wall art illusions are presented here.

Make Poverty History (From The Side )


Make Poverty a History.

Presenting a message to the world

 Nowadays high quality paints are used to create a realistic architectural optical illusion                             3d10                                                                      source: google.co.in

An  Architectural Delight-

3d5  3d6op15

3d3                        Source: google.co.in

The 3D art used in fascinating Interiors Illusion in Hotels, Malls, Museums.

A thrilling Lift experience.

source: google.co.in

Escalator. Escalator from the underground. This looks very realistic! (via Manfred Stader)

op17source: google.co.in

Big hotels are using 3D arts for Hotel carpetings.

opl14 opl10             source:google.co.in

opl16source: thinkorthwim.com

Hotel carpeting can be energized by incorporating an optical illusion to create interest. Above is the new ballroom carpet being installed at the Marriott Solana hotel in Southlake, Texas.


opl1  opl2                                source: google.co.in

source: google.co.in

Amusement on Pavements and on roads.-Walkers / tourists delight-Beautifying the roads.

24source: via manfred stader

source: google.co.in

Mysterious cave. You don’t have to travel around around the world exploring mysterious caves – sometimes they are just under you.

mysterious-cavessource: via manfred stader

A captivating entrance.

37                      source: google.co.in

Used or Road Safety, to divert the crowd.

opi4source: google.co.in


3d15 3d 11

rds4 rds 1

rdssource: (all pictures) google.com

Advertising the product and using pavement as its platform to advertise.

We-Present-You-38-Awesome-Street-Art-Examples-Youve-Probably-Never-Seen-Before-29source: google.co.in

More of Stader & Muller’s magic was on display in the form of the above Johnnie Walker rum ad painted on a street in Taipei, Taiwan. This is one rare occasion where drinking and driving DO go together!

 Advertising in a Mall-Alice In Wonderland- Where fantasy meets reality. (via Manfred Stader)

32source: manfred stader

A very cool yet fully functional optical illusion, Milan, Italy.

optic_illusions_12b(image via: PJ Lighthouse)

Nowadays 3d wall papers are extensively used by interior designers to elevate the look of a room. Different types of designs are available to suite different rooms look, it can be living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. The current high end technology has enabled to use this visual delight concept to be used not only for wall but also for floors (eg. in bathrooms where water is used continuously).

In Living Rooms.

3d31  source: google.co.in

wallpaper  source: google.co.in

In Kitchen.


In Bathrooms.

opl13 opl12

opl8 opl7

opl11  opl4

source: google.co.in

The latest are 3D lights to amaze you.

3d30                                                                       source: google.co.in

The scope and use of 3D graphic Art is evolving everyday. It has surely replaced  the costly sculptors, regular wooden works and mural art pieces into much cheaper still eye catching art works which look so realistic, amazing and are much durable and has less to no maintenance to it.








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